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    Don’t Miss these Tips for Staging Your Home this Summer!

Setting Up Your Home to Sell this SummerAsk any experienced real estate professional, and they’ll tell you that the summer is traditionally a fruitful time to put your home on the market. We’ve provided some tips for selling during the winter, but the warm weather does give you an advantage. This does not mean that you should consider your job done. We have some summertime home staging tips which can really make a lasting first impression on potential buyers.

All of the following staging tips can be handled on your own (you’d be surprised by the difference some DIY renovation projects can make), but it’s worth considering a professional if you have the budget for it.

Add More Natural Lighting

Lighting is hands down one of the most important aspects in any well-staged home. Now that the days are longer, you should consider taking the opportunity to bring in some more natural lighting to showcase various rooms in the house (especially since it produces an aesthetic appeal that you can’t really get with artificial lights).

The process of bringing in more natural lighting could take some time, if it’s been a while since cleaned the windows. Also be sure to declutter these areas as much as possible.

Jazz Up the Pool

Home Staging Tips for the PoolThis may be something that you could overlook, but every pool could benefit from some smart staging tips. Firstly, you’ll want to make sure that it’s clean. This could be a perfect opportunity to employ a good power wash for the pool and the surrounding patio. Then you’ll want to strategically place some comfortable furniture around the pool. This inviting scene will make it much easier for potential buyers to picture themselves logging some pleasant hours by the pool.

Summertime Cleanliness

Incorporating more natural lighting in the house means that things which aren’t exactly clean will become much more obvious. Depending on your given budget, you might want to replace old carpeting/floors, or you could hire a professional to get them cleaned. Make sure you continue to closely monitor the cleanliness of the home while it is listed.

Keep the House Cool

Unless this is your first summer here in Orlando, you’ll already know that it can get pretty darn hot during these summer months. We can understand not wanting to spend a fortune on air conditioning, but potential buyers can lose interest pretty quickly if it’s stifling in your home. Just as an extra precaution, we advise double checking the working status of your HVAC system prior to bringing in potential buyers.

Soothing Smells of Summer

There is nothing quite like the pleasant smells we get during summer. You may want to consider incorporating some flowers in various rooms (they make a great addition to a well-staged bathroom) of your home. Some people have even tried baking fresh cookies before bringing in guests.

Provide Snacks and Refreshments

Speaking of baking, it can be an excellent idea to provide some snacks and cold beverages for potential buyers. Your guests will be mighty thankful for a cool glass of water or lemonade if its scorcher out there. Studies have shown that this is a powerful way to help make a buyer feel more at home.

Don’t Forget the Patio

Summertime Home Staging Tips for the PatioEven if it’s been ages since you last used your patio, don’t make the mistake of overlooking this fantastic staging opportunity. Strategic staging of the patio can help show potential buyers how they could use the area. Here are just a few staging props to consider including on the patio:

  • BBQ grill
  • Comfortable furniture
  • Patio table
  • Nice outdoor dining set
  • Potentially a swing or play area if you have children

Making use of some of these strategies will really boost your summer time selling game. Even if you can’t afford to hire a professional home stager, you can still significantly improve your odds of securing the type of offer you’ve been looking for.