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    Professional Home Staging Improves Sales Odds

Benefits of Professional Home StagingAs the competition to sell homes in Orlando continues to heat up, first-time home sellers must take things to a whole new level to reel in prospective buyers. Home staging is becoming a staple for selling homes as quickly as possible, with some sellers hiring professionals to help ensure that their homes will look as attractive as possible.

For real estate agents, it can be difficult to explain to client why they should really consider investing a few thousand dollars in hiring someone to professionally stage their home. Still, statistics have suggested that real investment in improving the overall appearance of the home can produce a much quicker sale at an even higher selling price than what was expected.

Longer Time on the Market

“If you don’t fix a house up, it will be on the market for a longer time, and you’ll get a reduced price,” explained Debra Kandrak, an experienced real estate agent and professional home stager. According to Debra, the average home will spend 90 to 120 days on the market from the time it gets listed to when it’s sold.

With Kandrak’s last three properties, the sellers all had received deposits within a week of being listed, and they had closed on a sale with the first month. Her advice for other realtors is to be honest with their clients about the state of the home. If a home does not have a good feel to it, then it is going to be a harder sell.

Pricing for Home Staging

The overall cost of staging a home will vary from property to property. In some cases, it may only cost a few hundred dollars and involve rearranging some of the furniture and/or accessories in the home. Then again, a home that really could use some work might cost a few thousand to effectively stage.

Still, more and more home sellers are coming to the conclusion that their properties aren’t going to sell unless they look as attractive as possible. Many are realizing that significant monetary gains can be made by investing in a professionally staged home. This means that professional stagers like Kandrak are becoming increasingly valuable commodities in the Orlando real estate market.

What can Staging Do for Your Home?

A stager who knows what they’re doing can tailor the overall look and feel of the home in order to attract the right audience of prospective home buyers. It really can be a powerful marketing tool when used effectively. If you are willing to invest say 1 to 3 percent of the listing price on staging, you can expect to realize a 6 to 10 percent gain over the original listing price when the property is sold.

A 2012 study by the Real Estate Staging Association showed that a select grouping of homes — they were not staged — stayed on the market for 166 days on average before the homeowner decided to call in a professional. The same properties — after they had been staged — received first offers with 32 days on average.

This doesn’t mean that you have to spend thousands of dollars to completely rearrange your home. Even small, inexpensive improvements can make a big difference and add that extra appeal which really speaks to prospective buyers. Many aren’t capable of seeing past the dated appearance of a home and appreciating its real potential. When the house shows well, it can dissipate many of the buyer’s concerns over “hidden” issues.