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A Closer Look at Colonialtown

Located at Orlando’s center, Colonialtown is a hip and trendy neighborhood. You’ll find many unique mom and pop shops throughout the area, detailing Colonialtown’s quaint personality. Many of the town’s buildings are original and exhibit the area’s historic flair. There are two neighborhoods within Colonialtown. They are easily distinguished by Colonial Drive, which divides the town into Colonialtown North and Colonialtown South.

Brief History

Colonialtown was built up by residents back in the 1920’s during the Florida Land Boom. Houses were made on the small side, due to the rough financial period within the country. The neighborhood evolved continuously until the 1960’s, when development began to slow.

Colonialtown Neighborhood Center

A recreational facility for Orlando residents to participate in extracurricular activities. They provide after school care for children and assist with homework help. Beyond the school year, the Colonialtown Neighborhood Center offers an inexpensive, safe, and fun summer camp. They even offer Karate classes throughout the year. There is a playground, game room, computer lab, and a swimming room. Meeting and multi-purpose rooms are available for rent.

Colonialtown has been a more affordable choice for residents that choose to live around the Downtown Orlando region. The older homes have been transformed on the inside to more modern and updated looks. It’s a great option for those seeking quiet suburban life with easy access to bustling city life. If you’re a current resident looking to sell your home for cash, then we can help you get started now.

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