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    College Park

Ironically, College Park is home to no college. Instead, this city is a family friendly city located north of Downtown Orlando. It has become a trendy and popular place to live and visit, attracting more and more people to the city each day. College Park is a lively, artistic neighborhood located just minutes from downtown Orlando. Here you can experience the best of urban living with a quant small town feel. There are beautiful lakes with hanging moss shading your path, and cobblestone roads that make you feel like everything’s nice and relaxed here. The CP community has some of Orlando’s best local retailers, trendy salons, amazing mom and pop restaurants and tons of small businesses. There are also many popular annual events like College Park Jazz Fest that display this neighborhoods pride and appreciation for the arts and community.

A Closer Look at College Park

Many of the homes in College Park were built in the 1900’s, giving the area a charming and historic feel. You can find brick lined streets throughout the city. A neat and unique feel for any Orlando resident. You’ll also find streets named after universities such as Yale and Harvard, so it’s not a mystery as to how College Park earned its name even without a college or university within its borders.

Brief History of College Park

John Ericsson was the first settler in College Park, in the mid 1800’s. He built his house in the middle of a large citrus grove, right on West Princeton. It wasn’t until 1920 when residents started to flood the area and build it up to what it is today.

Dining Options

There is no shortage of restaurants up in College Park. Most can be found in the Princeton Street/Edgewater Drive area. Alfonso’s Pizza & More has the pizza. Infusion Tea has vegetarian and fresh tea. There is a large variety of different types of restaurants and a few different cuisines.

A+ Education

Although there isn’t actually a college in College Park, there are plenty of elementary and high schools to choose from. The quality of education is top-notch, with schools being A rated (such as Princeton Elementary) and given 5 stars (like Edgewater High). Children are sure to get an excellent education in College Park.

Residents have been attracted to the rustic and historic charm of the homes built in the 1900’s, and many have revamped their homes inside for a more upscale and “cool” vibe.

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