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    Get to Know Your Real Estate Advisory Team

Know Who’s On Your Real Estate Advisory Team

Whether you just started to consider selling your home or you have already been looking at potential buyers in the market, we would like to make this an efficient and lucrative process for all parties. First time sellers should equip themselves with as much information as possible, but first you should get to know all the players involved in this game.

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A REALTOR® is a member of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®, The Voice for Real Estate® — currently the largest professional association in the world. They are sworn to a strict code of ethics and standards of practice. The association works for America’s property owners.

(You’ll want to consider hiring a Realtor when looking for a home.)

Mortgage Broker

Mortgage brokers act as middlemen between the homeowner (borrowing funds) and the mortgage company or bank. They will communicate directly with both parties to ensure that the borrower qualifies for a mortgage. This communication is important as it allows the mortgage broker to determine what will work best for the homeowner.

Property Appraiser

The real estate appraiser has been trained to make accurate estimations on the worth of a piece of property. These qualified individuals possess a wealth of knowledge on the market and conducts a thorough analysis to produce the most accurate appraisal possible. Clients will get the final product in a clean and concise report.

Title Company

A title company help clients handle the complex financial transaction involved in buying or selling a home. They’ll run an “abstract of title” — meaning an extensive search of the local property records. This will reveal 3 things:

  • The current legal owner of the property
  • Any liens, mortgages, or outstanding taxes that may still be owed on the property
  • Provide information on any other restrictions or leases that affect the property

Real Estate Attorney

Your team of expert advisors should also include a real estate attorney. They can help you in your negotiations to find a good sales prices and closing date. Attorneys will be able to review any offers to ensure that the proper terms are clearly defined and sellers rights are upheld.

Home Inspector

The home inspector comes in to check for any possible defects in the home. This thorough inspection will determine the condition of the property’s structure and systems. They are usually hired by prospective homebuyers who want know about any issues before signing. Plenty of home inspectors are self-employed and previously worked in construction.

Please don’t hesitate to get connected with us if you have any other questions about your real estate advisory team.

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