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    How Our Process Works

Step 1) Call us or complete our get started form

  • No cost or obligations to get the process started

Step 2) You’ll be contacted by our Home Buying Specialist

  • We’ll ask you a few questions about the condition and details of your home.
  • Based on your preference and availability, we’ll schedule an appointment to conduct a 15 minute walkthrough of your home.
  • We collect info about the square footage, bedrooms and bathrooms.
  • We’ll also inquire about the condition of the home and whether there have been any recent updates to the property.

Step 3) Get a cash offer in person

  • You will receive an offer on your home immediately after our walkthrough
  • Our specialist will have the contract with them when they come to your home.
  • We can also deliver the contract via email for homeowners who don’t live in nearby.
  • Once a cash offer is made, you will have 2 days to review, accept and return the contract.

Step 4) Pick a closing date, get paid and move on!

  • After the contract is accepted, we let you pick a closing date and we’ll cover all closing costs.
  • Typically, you’ll receive cash for the sale of your home in as little as 10 days after the completion of the contract.
Need to sell your home? We buy houses for CASH!