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    Florida Home Buyer Tips: Realtors and Sellers

Finding the Right Realtor and Seller

Choosing to purchase a home is one of the most important personal investments someone can make. Being prepared can help ensure you get the best home deal possible with minimal stress. Once you have your sights set on a target home, you should think through the steps you’re going to need to take in order to seal that deal. To help ensure that you can execute on your plan of action, we have a few homebuying tips for you.

Hiring a Realtor

You might be a DIY type of person, but you could be heaping on a lot more stress if you don’t hire a real estate professional. An experienced realtor can do several things to help you find the right home in Orlando, including:

  • Actively seek out potential listings
  • Provide regular updates on the search process
  • Aggressively negotiate for your preferred terms
  • Answer any questions that you might have along the way

Here are a few things to keep in mind if considering a Realtor:

  • Your hiring an agent to represent you– not the seller
  • Realtor’s cannot tell the seller what your top choice is
  • They’re members of the local Multiple Listing Service

Choosing the Right Seller

You should be looking for sellers that exhibit signs that they are eager to sell. This usually means that they would be willing to close the deal for less than their asking price. Pro tip: Be sure to do some digging and find out why they are eager to sell. This can help both parties reach a timely agreement that benefits them both.

There could be a variety of reasons why owners are looking to sell:

  • They could be changing jobs
  • Facing financial problems
  • Needing a change of scenery

You can put yourself in a great position by solving their issue. If they are motivated to sell quickly, offer them the quicker deal at a lower price. The opportunity to take a lower offer might be too much to pass over if you can pay in cash (you can find out a little more about purchasing homes with cash).

Logically, there are also certain types of sellers which you might not want to do business with. Here are some hints you might be dealing with one of these sellers:

  • They can’t clear up liens against their home
  • They stall when it comes to the appraisal or inspection process
  • They ask to delay their move out date
  • They don’t actually own 100 percent of the property

Why their eagerness isn’t going get you a steal of a deal, it can help you save a few thousand in the deal most of the time. Someone who is faced with the prospect of paying two separate mortgages is a good example of what we call a motivated seller. Again you should always tread carefully in these situations. It’s not uncommon for the circumstances to paint a false picture. In fact, several ads look to hook potential buyers on the basis this basis, so beware of real estate ads that mention “motivated seller” or “divorce”.

In any case, a Realtor can help you identify listings where the seller might be more likely to sign off on a quick sale. An experienced agent should be able to “sniff out” the sellers that are genuinely eager to close on an offer, and those that are just trying to generate more interest in their Orlando property.

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