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If you didn’t already know, we buy houses!

I am about to give you some valuable advice that will save you aggravation, time and money. As an investor I have attended many seminars and read many courses on buying houses. These courses teach you how to buy houses with no money. How is this possible and what does it mean for the seller of the property?

First of all it is impossible to buy anything without money

Courses teach investors to get sellers to sign a contract to purchase their home. Do you really want to go into contract with a buyer who has no money? You are probably wondering why people with no money want to make an offer on your home. They simply want to tie your property up with a 7-15 day inspection period. In this time they will be looking for a real buyer who has the cash to buy your home at a marked up price. To do this they will be asking for access to your home so they can have the real buyers inspect your home. If they don’t find a buyer they simply cancel the contract before the inspection period ends.

How can you prevent this?

1. Do not sign an assignable contract. A real investor with cash does not need an assignable contract. An assignable contract just makes it easy for the investor with no cash to sell your house.

2. No contingency contract. An experienced investor should not need an inspection period. If an investor is insisting on inspection period have them do it before entering into a contract.

3. Proof of funds. Always ask to see a current bank statement with enough funds to cover the offer amount.

4. Deposit. Take nothing less than a $5000 non refundable deposit made out to a title company. Make sure to verify that the title company has received deposit and funds have cleared.

Start today with no obligation

It only takes a few minutes to begin the process of selling your home for cash. All you have to do is complete our online form or simply pick up the phone. You will get a call from our office within 24 hours if you choose to do the online form. We will quickly come to assess your home, and have a cash offer to buy your home same day. You are under no obligation to sell your home by receiving a cash offer, and your information is confidential. Don’t worry if your home needs repairs. We buy homes for cash in “AS-IS”

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