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June 12, 2015

4 Stunning Before & After Home Remodels









Morris before



morris after




deerwood-050-533-x-400 before



deerwood-356-533-x-400 after









June 8, 2015

Five Tips for Hiring a Professional Home Stager

Home Staging Tips: Good Lighting Can Make a SaleSo you read one of our previous posts on home staging and you’re interested. That’s great but are you confident enough in your own skills to do this job yourself? If not, you might want to consider hiring a professional home stager— just remember to find the right one for the job.

Several studies have shown the raw power behind an effectively staged home, and the best can make an unsellable home a hot commodity. Identifying a really qualified home stager will involve some research on your end though. So here are a few tips that might help you hire the right professional here in Central Florida.

1) Know Why You’re Hiring a Professional Home Stager

Real estate agents will tell you that something is wrong if a home goes “unnoticed” during its first three weeks on the Orlando housing market. Often, the relative lack of action has a lot to do with how the home has been staged (both inside and outside). First impressions are key and good one needs to be established right from the curb.

If you want your home to look like it came right out of a magazine, then you’re probably going to need a professional. This also seems to be an expense that many homeowners are hesitant to make. The data shows that this is an expense that will pay for itself when done well.

2) Find a Professional Who Can Tell a Story

Homes with sprawling layouts make it harder for a potential buyer to visualize how they might designate each room. Larger homes should have a story behind the layout that will make them even more visually appealing. You want to find a professional that knows what the competing listings in Orlando look like and can help you tell your home’s story in a unique way.

5 Ways You Can Improve Your Home's Value in 2014

The best have a wealth of accumulated knowledge and know-how that will let them see something new and exciting in a room’s potential. An unused room can become a music room or even an indoor fitness space.

3) Run a Background Check

At this time, the home staging profession is largely unregulated— meaning just about anyone could call themselves a “professional”. The lack of certifications or degrees mean you’ll need to look at a person’s background. Committed professionals should have a history that speaks to it– stagers that have taken classes on design and real estate can be great. Quality home stagers will also have a website to showcase their previous projects.

(Here’s a great resource for finding professional home stagers in Florida.)

4) Know Your Staging Budget

Finding the best home stager doesn’t mean that you’ll be paying for the most expensive one. You’ll want to outline a good budget for the project before you get started. In order to cut down on costs, try and find a professional stager who is willing to work with the furniture that you already own. You can also use a company that owns their own staging furniture if your pieces won’t do the trick.

5) Ask Your Local Real Estate Agent

First Time Buyers Looking in Orlando

Picking the brains of a team of real estate professionals can be a great idea if you find yourself stuck in the mud. You need a home stager who is knowledgeable, engaging and has proven results. Real estate agents don’t use anyone they won’t trust, so their advice can be quite valuable.

It would be a shame to let your home sit on the market or even sell it at an undervalued price. Ensuring that the home looks appealing through and through is a necessity. Whether you feel like this is a project you can do on your own, or you want to bring on a professional, there’s no skipping this crucial step in the home selling process. If you want top dollar then stage your home!

May 19, 2015

Orlando Housing Market Update

In just the last year, rental prices for Orlando homes have increased over 2% yr-over-yr. According to Zillow, metro-area homes now average just over $1,300 per month. What’s even better, is that the value of these homes are up over 9% over the prior year, now averaging almost $170,000. Truly a great time to be a homeowner in Orlando!

This is pretty close to the national averages, where median rents were still increasing at juts over 3% to media rent similar to Orlando’s at $1,350. It’s typical said that we here in the states should spend about one-fourth of our income on rent, but that number is moving up slowly to about one-third.

What The Experts Are Saying

Stan Humphries, Zillow’s Chief Economist, was recently quoted as stating, “Rental appreciation has been a freight train these past few years, chugging along without any appreciable slowdown. Since 2000, rents have grown roughly twice as fast as wages, and you don’t have to be an economist to understand why that is hugely problematic. More than one-third of Americans are renters, and today’s renters are tomorrow’s buyers. The rental market used to be and should remain a stepping-stone to homeownership. But given how widespread rental affordability problems have become, the rental market could be acting more like a barrier to buying.”

The Fastest Growing Markets

This January saw some new editions to the nations fastest growing rental markets, including cities such as Charlotte, Kansas City, Denver and Portland.

As for the growth of home values nationwide, we’ve seen a continuing trend towards leveling off, with the index showing a slight increase of .2% from December to January. Median home value is currently sitting around $180,000, with values only expected to rise about 2 percent between now and the beginning of 2016.

April 30, 2015

How to build a stylish landing page in minutes.

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